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 When you hear that word what comes to your mind? Couples shouting in throes of pleasure? Some intense action beneath the sheets? To prevent some unwanted reactions to your intensely pleasurable actions, here comes Playmax Condoms. Styled and designed for Indian sensibilities, it will make your sensual moments more gratifying. Promoting safe sex, Playmax offers a diverse range of quality products. The next time you go to bat, bat with full gear!

Engross Deodorant

Engross the world in your wizardly magic. Offering refreshing freshness and fragrance for aeons, Engross is the deodorant to watch out for. Perfect for Indian climate, Engross fights body odor all day long. The different mesmerizing scents will add a further charm to your personality. Unlike others, Engross provides the ultimate aroma and not just gas. People with all skin types can use it without a second thought. The different fragrances available make it your best friend on a grim day.

Special You- Sanitary Napkins

The modern working woman has many roles and facets to deal with. To take them on, women must be hassle-free without a single worry about their own body. With that in mind, comes Special You. Special You brings about the most comfortable and easy to use sanitary napkins. High absorption, varied sizes, and agreeable pads make the dreary days a cakewalk. It’s high time that this part of nature be accepted and women go through a healthy feminine cycle